Following the BC Restart Plan, all of our services are available both in-person and virtually.


We offer a range of FREE services to suit your individual needs. 

Below you will find a complete list of services: 


All Job Seekers have access to our employment resource centre, where we provide free services such as one-to-one career advising, computer access with high speed internet, job posting boards, photocopying, scanning, faxing, phone and message services, employment and community resources, labour market information, a disability workstation including JAWS screen reading software, MAGic software and Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, and a French workstation including software and resources in French. Services and resources available in multi-languages.


Job Search Financial Supports are available to Job Seekers who are diligently searching for work and need financial support to conduct their job search. These financial supports include transportation (e.g., transportation to and from the WorkBC Centre and job interviews), dependent care, personal grooming and hygiene, work clothes/shoes/boots, licensing, and employment disability supports.


WorkBC Occupational Skills Training is for Job Seekers who don’t have the skills or require skills upgrading to find work in industries that are in demand in BC. We provide funding for tuition, books/supplies, living supports, dependent care, and transportation.


All WorkBC services can be provided through our virtual services channels, including online access to workshops, so that Job Seekers can learn anywhere. Career development resources and career planning tools can be accessed online through our WorkBC Centres. Job Seekers can also interact with Career Advisors through Online Employment Services (OES).


In today’s labour market, Job Seekers often need entry level certification to gain employment or to increase their chances of finding a job. Our WorkBC Centres provide clients with funding for STOC where eligible. Examples include: FoodSafe, WorldHost,
First Aid, WHMIS, Basic Computer Training, Serving It Right and other approved short term certifications.



These programs or courses support Job Seekers with English as a Second Language (ESL) training, and/or high school graduation requirements, and/or specific pre-requisites for further training or employment.


The Wage Subsidy Work Experience program gives Job Seekers the ability to upgrade their existing skills in a paid work experience from three to six months. Our staff will guide you through the process from marketing yourself/your skills to various employers to finding you a paid work experience with a reputable company.



Job Start Financial Supports are provided to Job Seekers who have a confirmed job offer and lack the finances/resources to cover all or part of the costs of items or expenses to start the job. These financial supports include transportation, dependent care, essential work clothing, essential work supplies, Tools and Equipment, Personal Grooming and Hygiene (BCEA and General Clients with Disabilities only), licencing, employment related disability accomodation costs, and Short Term Orientation and Training.


Interested in starting your own business? Have a hobby you wish to turn into a business? We offer eligible clients a free 48-week Self-Employment Program that will give you the knowledge, tools and resources to start your own business. We provide funding for tuition, living supports, dependent care, transportation and disability supports if required. With approval, clients can earn income within their business without losing income supports.


If you are a single parent receiving income or disability assistance, you may be eligible for training to secure long-term employment through the Single Parent Employment Initiative (SPEI). Participants can receive up to 12 months of funded training or paid work experience, with continued income or disability assistance while in training. Supports including child care costs during your training or work placement and for the first year of employment, as well as health supplement coverage, are available.


Looking for work but unsure about how to go about it? Have a resume but not sure if it is suitable? Not confident about your interview skills? Our range of workshops are for Job Seekers who want to find work, explore career choices, find job leads, prepare for interviews, and discover job searching tips. Our workshop topics include Resume Writing, Cover Letters, Interview Skills, Job Search Express, How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search, Where the Jobs Are, Mock Interviews, Career Exploration and many more. We will even personalize a workshop to your job searching needs. Workshops are available virtually and in-person.


PBLMT assists eligible Job Seekers to obtain the skills and experience they need for employment. Through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job work experience, Job Seekers are able to build on their existing skills and increase their network of potential employers. These projects offer employment training that may include basic and essential skills, specific skills as identified by local employers, on-the-job experience and a range of supported activities such as counselling, learning assessments, job search skills and referrals to community resources.


JCPs are community-based projects that provide Job Seekers with the opportunities to gain relevant, recent work experience that will improve their employment readiness, build on existing skills and increase their network of potential employers. These are paid work experiences. Examples of projects that have had JCPs include the Vancouver Folk Festival and DOXA Film Festival.


Are you ready and able to work but don’t know where to start and lack the networks/networking skills? Our Job Development Team works with you on a one-to-one basis and individually markets you and your skills to employers in the community. They arrange and support you at job interviews as required and negotiate job terms and conditions. Additionally, they provide job coaching on how to succeed in the workplace.


These services involve identifying, initiating or creating a new job, customizing an existing job by negotiating the rearrangement of work tasks, or creating Self-Employment opportunities. Our staff will provide you with an individualized assessment of your strengths, needs and interests, and develop an Employment Profile to assist you in obtaining employment. We arrange and support you at job interviews and negotiate job terms and conditions. We also provide job coaching on how to succeed in the workplace.


For Job Seekers that have experienced violence and/or abuse, we can provide up to ten sessions with a registered Counsellor to provide support in moving forward towards employment.


Unpaid Work Experience provides BCEA Job Seekers with valuable work experience and helps develop/improve skills by working in a relevant employment environment. These are normally short duration placements and provide BCEA Job Seekers with the opportunity to explore occupations, interests, skills and potential customized job opportunities.


Through Community Attachment, Job Seekers work with staff to participate in a community service placement to develop marketable skills, build networks, and give back to the community. Through this opportunity to gain experience, participants can apply developed skills to their job search.


The WorkBC LEADS program aims to provide employment and personal development training to those who have experienced violence or abuse at any point or area of their lives. The program runs for 12 weeks and offers a wealth of supports and workshops. Group workshops provide an environment where every individual is free to work through trauma caused by violence and abuse and engage in healthy community connections.


WorkBC assists Clients with Disabilities with the costs of participating in WorkBC services, accessing training, and achieving/maintaining employment. Examples of these supports include Assistive Devices, Equipment or Technology, Workplace Access or Modifications, Communication/Hearing Devices, Ergonomic/Restorative Supports, Attendant Services, and Interpreting or Captioning.


This includes shorter and occupation-specific training that provides the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain employment in your chosen field. While it cannot exceed six weeks or 180 hours in total duration, any training course or topic that does exceed the maximum duration may be supported under Occupational Skills Training.

Specific eligibility criteria applies for each service.